Everyday Law

We aren't your average law firm. It all starts with the name. Sure, we can put a lawyer and a legal assistant at your disposal, but we don't call ourselves a "law firm". It conjures up images of high prices and legal jargon. Instead, we call it like it is - we take care of law for everyday people.

There is more to it than just the name however. We've put a lot of thought into how legal services can work for you, and the result is:
  • a website without legal jargon;
  • prices clearly quoted for the legal services listed on our website - and think about it, that is exactly the way it should be;
  • an easily accessible location;
  • free parking; and
  • we'll take your phone call and we'll see you, no matter how small your legal issue.
We're sure you are starting to get the idea. Like we said, we aren't your average law firm.