Basic Service Fee: $35*
Government Incorporation Fee: $200*
Custom Drafted Articles: $225
Named Corporation: $150
PDF Minute Book: $250 [or]
First Year of Evergreen Online Minute Book: $500
Share Certificates: $125
Provincial Registration: $150
Corporate Embossing Seal: $200
Two Person Shareholders' Agreement: $275
Legal Brief: Rights & Responsibilities of a Corporation Owner: $250

First, congratulations are in order on the start of your business! The importance of starting well cannot be over-stated. The way you put your corporation together right now will have far-reaching consequences.

You may have a number of questions at this point. Is this for profit or non-profit or a mix of the two? Should it be federal or provincial? What about protecting the interests of multiple shareholders? How many directors will you have? Are you thinking of selling one day or leaving your business to your heirs? What does incorporation really mean anyway?

No matter what questions you have, know you've come to the right place. Our process is very simple - we can begin the steps by phone, by email or in person; we'll take the time to answer your questions; and you already know what it'll cost - we've placed our pricing at the top of this page. Please note that government fees, typically in the vicinity of $200 to $400, are extra.

However, it does include Minute Book organization. What is that, you say? Well, they don't make it easy … there is more to incorporation than just getting your company off the ground. In "part two", you have to get and organize a Minute Book.

A Minute Book is like the brain of your corporation. It is where all the important decisions are recorded. It is where the tax items and contracts are stored. It is where the share certificates that shareholders get comes from. Every corporation is required to keep one, and if you want to sell your corporation in the future, the buyer will ask for its complete Minute Book - without any gaps in corporate memory.

These days, Minute Books are typically online, in digital form. Note that the above pricing includes both the acquisition of the Minute Book and our fee for organizing it.

Contact us today to get started.

Note: HST is added to all fees.