Dispute Mediation Services

$750 per day

Disagreements happen. Conflict is a normal, everyday thing. What isn't normal however, what isn't necessary, is disaster. If conflict festers, and opponents become pitted in their perspectives, the resulting battles are likely to drain resources, and leave long-lasting wounds.

So, how do you keep conflict from becoming disastrous? How do you keep it from jeopardizing what you are trying to achieve, or all that you've worked hard for? How do you keep from turning the court-room into your second living room? Well, you contact us, and we get the ball rolling on a mediated solution.

With over a decade of experience in dispute resolution, we have the depth of skill to consider relative claim strengths, and to fashion unique and durable solutions - and make no mistake, the solutions that work for conflict tend to be unique, they tend to be all about "thinking outside the box".

Contact us today, and let us get to work figuring out what can fit outside your box. After all, compared to litigation, our pricing is incredibly competitive. For example, three days of mediation will cost $750 x 3 = $2250, or just $1125 per party! In comparison, three days in the court-room can easily set you back $7500.

Note: HST is added to all fees.