Contracts: Drafting or Review

Between $500 and $1600

Contracts matter precisely because they never seem to matter until something goes wrong. Once the ink is dry, a good contract will stay in the background, enabling everyday people to do everyday things. Then, if something goes wrong, it will rise to protect your interests, and then return to the background.

Simply using a contract found online - without the benefit of review or redrafting to take account of your unique interests - is the legal equivalent of trying to drive a car while blindfolded. You may get lucky, but more than likely it won't end well.

Here's the thing - contract review, and even drafting, doesn't have to be expensive. You just have to know where to look. By the way, you are here, so you are already looking in the right place.

Now, there are all sorts of contracts - two page ones and twenty page ones; ones filled with simple language and ones filled with legal jargon. For that reason, it is difficult to quote a single price for all contract review and drafting. What is quoted above however is a price range, giving you a solid idea of what you'll be looking at in terms of a minimum and a maximum.

Contact us today, and let us get to work ensuring the contract you are about to sign actually protects your interests.

Note: HST is added to all fees.