You've worked hard on developing a unique brand, and it's working - people look at your logo and they know quality stands behind it. Here is the question - is your brand protected? Can someone else or a different corporation, based here in Canada or elsewhere, swoop in and claim your brand is actually theirs?

It happens way more often than you might think. Just do a Google search for "interesting trademark infringement cases". A cease and desist letter arrives, essentially telling an entrepreneur to stop using his or her logo and other brand elements!

"Well, I am incorporated", you say? Truth is, that doesn't matter! Incorporation allows you to operate a business with a number of benefits, but it does not confer brand protection, not even on the corporate name! In fact, unless you take the right steps, someone else can see your logo, like it, register it, own it, and either significantly hurt your business or push you entirely out of business.

What you need is trademark protection, and that is something we can help you acquire. Your fee, as quoted above, is global. It includes:
  • the initial consultation and assessment;
  • a basic trademark availability search (which is usually enough, although some more thorough searches can be conducted at extra cost if you want);
  • the drafting of a "statement of wares and services" tailored to your specific business;
  • the preparing and filing of the application;
  • representing you on the application all the way through to registration; and
  • then the filing of the request for registration and the obtaining of the registration certificate.
It also includes the government''s fees - $250 for the application, and an additional $200 to actually register the trademark at the end of the process.

In rare instances, an opposition may be filed to your application. If this happens, the above fee excludes the added cost of preparing and filing legal arguments and evidence, and any Tribunal (like a trademark court) hearing (done in person or by phone). Still, no worries. Should these occur, the pricing can be quoted as a flat fee as well.

Contact us today. Get started on securing the greatest amount of protection for your business.

Note: HST is added to all fees.