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Your Will and related documents implement your legacy. They ensure you take a hand in the distribution and impact of your assets.

The drafting of a Will can be deceptively simple. In truth, it is a complex legal process executed on the back of proper estate planning, with tentacles reaching into tax law, trusts law, corporate law, and so on.

At AFOLABI, we are lawyers that plan estates and draft Wills for business owners and their families. We have picked this one area of law to practice remarkably well.

We serve clients in every location in Ontario, delivering customized Wills, estate, and trust solutions and services - ones that fit hand in glove.

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Virtual Convenience
Remote Consultations
We are equipped to leverage the power of live video to ensure our clients can interact with us without the need for an office visit, and with absolutely no technical expertise required. Whether you are in Ottawa or Orillia, Toronto or Thunder Bay, or any point between in Ontario, you can book a video consultation, and get started on the thoughtful planning of your estate, resulting in the drafting of your legally-sound Will and related documents.

Remote Executions
The execution of estate documents must satisfy established legal requirements. We are equipped to bring clients and witnesses together virtually, and to ensure documents can be notarized with the utmost of care taken to ensure validity.

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Often Recommended
Thank you for your patience and care in dealing with my son's estate during a very difficut time for us. You truly give lawyers a good name. I have friends in Arnprior who could do with some advice and assistance from you on their Will issue, and I have given them your contact info, with complete confidence.
Douglas, Ottawa
If you need any legal work Jide will go above and beyond for you.
Luc, Ottawa
Our Wills and Estates Process
You're not a cookie. You are unique. So, it goes without saying that cookie-cutter solutions won't serve you well.

Your legacy is the culmination of your experiences, your efforts, your striving, your nurturing, your hopes, and dreams for the future. It is about the impact you wish to make, and the arrangements you wish to establish.

At AFOLABI, our lawyers understand this deeply, and so your Will and related documents result from a process we have developed and carefully perfected over time.

The Consultation
It starts with the consultation by video call, covering any location in Ontario. We use a detailed questionnaire, one that ensures we deliver advice to you even as you deliver answers to us. It's all captured and saved to our law office files automatically - no paper to lose, no details to forget.

The importance of a well-implemented consultation cannot be over-stated. It's your first time sitting down with your lawyer, and while you have the details that concern you, it is your lawyer's responsibility to acquire the right information, consider the right Wills and estates issues that apply, strategize with you, and apply the right Will drafting approach.

The result must be a solution tailored for you. One that fits - hand in glove.

The Process Questions
If you've ever used a lawyer or any other professional service before, you may know that it is possible to leave the office with unanswered questions and doubts concerning what comes next.

It's why we take the time to explain our approach and answer any questions you may have about the process. Questions such as the following, which we often encounter during our consultations:

How much will my issue cost in legal fees?
We offer flat fees for most of our services, and you can get your customized Will drafted for as low as $550 for an individual or $950 for a couple.

Will you maintain regular communications with me or is this a one time deal?
Our lawyers send periodic newsletters and reminders to clients across Ontario at no extra charge, ensuring you are aware of the types of changes that may trigger a need to revise or redraft your Wills and other estate documents. Since some life changes can invalidate a Will, this service is of some importance.

Will you deal with my business succession planning in addition to my personal estate?
Our lawyers put a plan together for the entirety of your estate - covering business as well as personal assets, whether they be in Canada or elsewhere. We can also work to structure or participate in structuring different solutions for different assets outside Ontario or Canada. After all, you may live in Ontario, but that doesn't mean your assets must be localized to just your city or province. For business clients, we can put together and assist in implementing a detailed succession plan.

Will you design a legally-sound approach to implement my ideas and thoughts?
We listen, taking your ideas, concerns and thoughts seriously. We put legal possibilities, advantages, and restrictions before you. We strategize with you. The result is a Will, and other estate documents as needed, that you can identify with.

Will my loved ones be taken care of despite the challenges I am currently facing?
There are many options when faced with estate planning during emergencies, domestic upheaval, or other challenging circumstances. Get our lawyers working for you, and we'll start putting some structure to the silver lining.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves
After the consultation, and after we are certain all of your process questions have been answered, our lawyers roll up their sleeves, and get to work for you.

Getting It Done
We finish what we start. We derive our "happy" from getting you to the point at which all that is left is to sign the documents.
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