Ready to Incorporate?
It all begins with you - the entrepreneur, the non-profit, the go-getter, the pace-setter.

Your idea is at the core. All we do is wrap the law around it.

The importance of starting properly cannot be over-stated.

A shoddy approach to incorporation will eventually result in additional costs.

A shoddy approach to corporate maintenance will eventually come back to bite.
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How do we help you avoid negative outcomes?

We begin by giving you legal information, and by asking the right questions:
  • Is your idea for profit or non-profit?
  • Will you be seeking charitable status?
  • Should it be federal or provincial?
  • When should you start thinking about two corporations?
  • What about protecting the interests of multiple shareholders?
  • How many directors should you have?
  • Are you thinking of selling one day or having heirs inherit?
  • When is an offshore corporation a good idea?
  • How do you balance profit-taking and corporate control?
  • What is a Minute Book and why do you need one?
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Of course, incorporation is just the beginning.

Whether your next step concerns franchising, employee matters, trademark registration, contract negotiations, or the leasing of a place of business - we stand firmly behind you.
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