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Whether in our hometown of Ottawa, or elsewhere in Ontario, we are ace Wills & Estates lawyers.

The recognitions show it. Estate planning is something we do remarkably well.

There is no other way to do it. Wills are serious business.

No other twenty odd pages can move twenty million dollars just as readily as twenty thousand dollars - and all without any supervision by the owner of the funds.

We know its your life's work. We know the stakes are high. It's why we take our role seriously.
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The drafting of a Will can look deceptively simple.

In truth, it is a complex legal process executed on the back of proper estate planning, with tentacles reaching into tax law, trusts law, corporate law, and so on.

We always say your Will should fit you - hand-in-glove.

Otherwise it's just a bunch of words downloaded off the internet. You may think it'll do what it is supposed to do, but can you be sure?

Does it ignore important laws?

Is it even based on Ontario law - rather than Saskatchewan law? Or Florida law? Or Scottish law?

Ask the hard questions. Then, come find the clear answers.
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Often Recommended
Thank you for your patience and care in dealing with my son's estate during a very difficut time for us. You truly give lawyers a good name. I have friends in Arnprior who could do with some advice and assistance from you on their Will issue, and I have given them your contact info, with complete confidence.
Douglas, Ottawa
If you need any legal work Jide will go above and beyond for you.
Luc, Ottawa
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