Understanding how the Provincial Nominees Program works
The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an immigration program that allows Canadian provinces and territories to nominate certain applicants with a desire to immigrate to Canada.

The purpose of the PNP is to welcome skilled workers in order to help strengthen the economy of Canada’s provinces, based on the preferences of those provinces.

As the PNP is premised on provincial preferences, there are more than 80 provincial immigration streams - placing great importance on determining the correct stream for you. Each province offers unique immigration streams targeting specific criteria and groups of candidates.

Certain streams may target:
  • students
  • skilled or semi-skilled workers
  • business people
The Provincial Nominee Program is ideal for individuals hoping to become permanent residents who possess the skills, education, and employment experience necessary to contribute to the specific economy of a given province or territory. Although receiving a nomination is almost a guarantee to receiving permanent residency, the process may be longer when going through provincial nomination.

As different provinces have different requirements, it is important to understand the options and tailor the application accordingly. There are typical or standard requirements, such as passing a medical examination as well as providing a police certificate.

Depending on the PNP stream you choose, you may need to apply either through a paper-based process or through Express Entry. Our lawyers can assist with either application process.

Non-Express Entry (paper-based process)
To use this process, forms will need to be printed and signed as applicable, and mailed on your behalf.

Typical forms are as follows:

  • Generic Application Form
  • Background/Declaration
  • Additional Dependants/Declaration
Application fees can be paid online.

Once you receive your nomination, a paper application for permanent residency will need to be submitted on your behalf, to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Express Entry Stream
When applying through Express Entry, you have two options.

The first option would be to contact the province or territory directly and apply for nomination specifically under the Express Entry Stream. This includes the filling of an online profile. If you are nominated by the province or territory, you will follow the steps necessary to apply for federal Canadian Express Entry and state your nomination within your profile.

A secondary option would be to begin your immigration process by creating a federal Canadian Express Entry profile and including the province or territory of your interest. That province or territory may then send you a “notification of interest”, at which point you would need to contact them directly in order to be considered for nomination. If you are chosen for nomination, the province or territory will send you a nomination certificate electronically.

In many instances, such as when applying following the non-Express Entry process, you may be required to use a representative. In all instances, using one is highly suggested as it will improve your chances of Canadian immigration success. To determine your eligibility, ensure you take the right path, and ensure the accurate completion of your application, contact us for assistance today.
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