Atlantic Immigration Program
The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is an opportunity for permanent residency in Canada designed for skilled individuals who want to settle in 1 of Canada’s 4 Atlantic Provinces: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, or New Brunswick.

The AIP allows employers in any of these provinces to hire qualified experienced workers for available employment opportunities.

To be eligible for immigration through this program, applicants must receive an offer of employment from a designated employer in one of the Atlantic provinces.

Along with this, candidates must also:
  • meet the educational and language requirements
  • be a skilled worker with qualifying work experience - that is a minimum of 1560 hours of paid work in the past 5 years, and eligible work must be at one of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill levels
International graduates do not need to meet the work experience requirement if they:
  • are a graduate from a post-secondary institution recognized in 1 of the 4 Atlantic provinces, with a degree, diploma, certificate, trade, or apprenticeship completed in a minimum of 2 years of studies;
  • were a full-time student for the entire duration of their studies;
  • lived in 1 of the 4 Atlantic provinces for a minimum of 16 months during the 2 years prior to graduation; and
  • possessed a visa or permit allowing them to work, study, or receive training while in Canada.
Applicants that completed their education outside of Canada must obtain an educational credential assessment (ECA) to decide and confirm the equivalence of their studies in Canada. The ECA report must be less than 5 years old on the date of application.

Along with these requirements, applicants must also provide proof of sufficient funds to support themselves, and their family (if applicable). The amount of funds is dependent on the number of family members being financially supported, whether they are immigrating with the applicant or not.

To ensure that applications are filled accurately, get advice on ensuring conditions are met, and better understand eligibility, get in touch with us.

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