Indigenous Law
From the drafting of new legislation to community planning, and from government-to-government negotiations to navigating the proposals process, we support the exercise of jurisdiction by First Nations, Inuit, and Metis communities from coast to coast to coast. 

Our objective is ensuring the growth of indigenous jurisdictional capacity.

Our work proceeds from the core understanding that culture is indispensable to resilient governance, that every journey on the path to reconciliation must start with listening, and that inherent rights can and should be much more than just buzz words.

Take a look at our service options below to find out how we can assist. Then, contact us for an introduction - we are always happy to meet, listen, consult, and suggest ways forward.

Fiscal Matters
Zhooniyaa in Ojibway. Inaan in Blackfoot. Kiinaujaq in Inuktitut. Money is both universal and indispensable. Accessing it, in order to exercise jurisdiction and provide for community needs, requires the adoption of highly developed financial management rules and tools. Advocating regarding it, in order to secure the economic dimensions of reconciliation, requires proven strategies that get results time and again.

At its fullest extent, Canada's constitutional framework is vast and living - it includes Acts of the British Parliament, historic as well as modern treaties, specific claims settlements, litigation on Aboriginal Title, devolution arrangements, as well as self-government agreements. These are the tectonic plates that continue to shift and clash, sometimes silently and at other times loudly, reshaping Canada's understanding of itself. Much of that shifting happens through negotiations in which indigenous communities have a stake. At AFOLABI, we bring decades of negotiation experience to the table, with results that speak for themselves.

Legal Frameworks
Drafting new laws can be both complex and rewarding. There is the need to watch for the interplay of internal concerns such as citizenship, membership, and existing policies; and there is also the need to understand the broader context which may include the existence of provincial or federal laws. AT AFOLABI, we craft legal solutions that can go the distance - delivering on the benefits of jurisdiction and self-governance.

Program Access
Ottawa is a city of programs and services, and the provincial and territorial capitals offer many more besides. For indigenous communities, accessing them requires a very specific set of skills - from proposal writing to multi-year planning, with project management and human resources management in the mix.

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