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We've simplified the estate planning process, and moved it into the digital age.

We've done this without leaving your drafting assignment to a "smart computer", or a "cookie-cutter form". Instead, your Will and related documents are drafted by a real lawyer. After all, you aren't a cookie - you wouldn't be well served by a cookie-cutter Will.

A sampling of our fees:

Our fee for a single, straight-forward Will and two Powers of Attorney (for Property and for Personal Care) is $550.

Our fee for the two straight-forward Wills most couples would need, along with their four Powers of Attorney, is $950.

Our fee for business operators in need of dual Wills, along with the two standard Powers of Attorney, is $950.

In some instances, clients need complex estate planning solutions. If you fall into this category, you likely know already - for example, you may have multiple real estate holdings, or you think you might need a trust, or you have properties outside Canada.

If your estate planning needs are complex, we will quote you a flat fee for the additional work you might need - perhaps a trust, or an estate freeze. Then, we'll roll up our sleeves and get to work for you.
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